Something happens when you allow yourself to dream, perhaps as in my case the dream emerges from deep sorrow, a tendril of hope and survival, weaving its way about your heart like a vine searching for the sun. Once the warmth of the sun is felt the dream explodes, first in onto itself ‘are the roots deep enough, can i survive?’, and then out into the world, fragile yet determined. The path i am walking to realize my dream is laid with many stones. Stones of determination, stones of hope and stones of support. There will always be naysayers when your path veers off the expected route. If you are lucky as you walk your dream path you will also be greeted with support.

I tentatively launched my website and went into business a year ago, I felt as if I had stepped outside my front door naked. It was terrifying, putting my (he)art out into the world for others to see, because to be judged on such a a personal part of oneself is frightening. I was greeted with so much support, friends and family cheered me on, I found encouragement and education on some amazing online communities. There is one person I must thank & honor, my husband, he has been my champion, without his support and unwavering belief in my talent I would still be teetering on the edge, instead I have jumped in with both feet and signed a one year lease on a studio space!

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