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Lovely Lace | Jennifer & Neil a Petite Maternity Session

Jennifer looked particularly lovely in lace during her Petite Maternity Session in the studio. I am so looking forward to meeting the sweet baby girl, not much longer now! Did you know that a complimentary Petite Maternity Session is gifted to every booked newborn...

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Scott Twins | 3 month Session

Oh my word, photographing twins is a roller-coaster! I cant even begin to imagine what it is like to raise twins! These two little cuties came into the studio for their 3 month session & were just darling!!!! She was happiest in daddy's hands & I just love how it...

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Roya | 7 days new

I absolutely loved working with these lovely first time parents, the love they have for one another and their sweet baby girl just radiated from these...

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Cylas | Roseville Newborn Portraits

I was blessed to have these three loves in my studio, this mama has such an amazing peace about her, I love to be in her company so its no wonder that her babies are so sweet . . . Book your Roseville Newborn Portraits with Sweet Jean Photography   you can also find...

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Elena | 6 month milestone session

I couldn't get over how cute this tiny little beauty was when her mama brought her in for a 6 month milestone session! Those cheeks, those curls, that smile, I can't wait for her to come back into the studio for her 1 year session!    ...

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YearONE | Heidi milestone 7 months

Heidi is one of my milestone babies, she first came to me at three months old and here she is a 7 months sitting up! Are you interested in the YearONE Milestone sessions? Lets chat about it . ....

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Kellen | Portrait of a Newborn

This sweet little nugget came into the studio at one month old and we were still able to capture beautiful images of him. Usually a portrait of a newborn is done between 5-14 days after birth but if you missed the window, don't fret! Book a portrait of a newborn with...

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Rayden | Brand New Baby Boy

This brand new baby boy was the perfect little gentleman.   Do you have a brand new baby boy you would like photographed? Book a Session with Sweet Jean...

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