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Handmade Custom Frames | Feature Friday

Friday Feature! One Friday per month I will feature one of my special products. Fall is the perfect time to update your family portraits and I have the perfect way to display your new artwork in your home - a handcrafted whimsical wall frame. These frames are a piece...

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be-supportive | Girl Hearts Camera Blog Circle

Something happens when you allow yourself to dream, perhaps as in my case the dream emerges from deep sorrow, a tendril of hope and survival, weaving its way about your heart like a vine searching for the sun. Once the warmth of the sun is felt the dream explodes,...

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Fall is Fabulous | Studio News

The first day of fall is right around the corner, the changing leaves, the crisp breeze, the holiday season right around the corner. Time for the annual trip to the corn maze, picking out the perfect pumpkin with your little ones & time to start planning for your fall...

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Roseville Child Photographer | Mine On Monday ~ Sweet Babe

Words cannot describe how these images make me feel. This horse was such a huge part of my childhood . . . bareback, riding, swimming, sunshine & love. I love that my daughter has gotten to experience her as well, our sweet Babe, she is getting up there in years, and...

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Elverta Newborn Photographer | Hello Clarence!

It was an honor to photograph the newborn son of my long time friend, I have watched him grow from a young teen into a wonderful man, married to a beautifully sweet woman and starting a family. Life has a way of passing so quickly, in the blink of an eye the next door...

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Natural Light Child Photographer | she is 11

Oh how the time does slip away, like water over stones, sometimes a quiet trickle and others a wild torrent. Eleven years ago I was made into a mother, I held my precious babe in my arms and dreamed about the future . . . all that I knew is that we were in this...

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